I love sketchbooks, mine and other peoples.  They are the little notebooks to the soul, wisperings of sweet nothings, tidings of great joy.  I draw or paint on both sides of the paper so that I am never tempted to chop them up and sell them!

I have started making sketchbooks that are themed, a road trip, Cornwall seasons etc.  These are for sale as a complete work of art, presented in opening frames, like a slow time slide show! You can see some here along with some more traditional sketchbooks


IMG_2172 (1024x653) sketchbook 1 sketchbook 2 sketchbook 3 sketchbook 4 sketchbook 5 Road Trip Sketchbook French Roads Sketchbook
Five Days in London Sketchbook
A Cornish Winter sketchbook A Cornish Spring sketchbook