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Loving Vincent my involvement with this unique movie

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Wimperis Music my son the musician

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Cornwall some paintings of Cornwall

 Moleskine sketchbooks of 29 watercolour paintings.  Framed in a specially designed opening frame, enabling the pages to be turned and displayed individually. A truly interactive artwork.  Sketchbooks of your home and garden can be commissioned. Email for details.

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Art is not a Product; it is a Love Affair.

The art of giving.  Art makes a great gift because it is so personal, from the creation of the work itself to choosing a particular piece for a friend or relation. Receiving something so unique will without a doubt make the recipient feel very special. Also, since art lasts a lifetime, you will always share that connection

I hope that this guide will help you to find the right painting. Click through for more information.

Screen-shots of some of the frames that I painted for the film Loving Vincent.  I spent five months in Poland working on the film and in that time I contributed 788 paintings out of a total of 65,000!  I was the only English artist out of 125 artists from all over the world.  A fantastic team.

The film is in UK cinemas from October 13 th 2017

find out more about it from the official website

Some paintings of Cornwall. Click on individual paintings for details, once you are in, click further for a larger image.