Learn the Basics of Oil Painting, 26th - 28th June 2020

Three day workshop at Pegasus Art, Stroud, Gloucestershire please follow the link for more details and to book.

Learn how to paint – everything you need to know.

Perhaps you enjoyed painting when you were younger, but you gave up. Maybe you were always told you weren’t very good at it? You studied fine art at college and were really very good, but life got too busy! If you’ve never, ever picked up a paintbrush before, but you’re longing to give it a try.....this workshop is for YOU!

This is an amazing opportunity to start again....from scratch. Sarah Wimperis was Head of Art at the International School of Stavanger in Norway for six years so she is a very experienced teacher and prolific, practising artist herself. Her absolute passion for art will most definitely rub off as she takes you on a step by step journey in painting. You will cover these elements over the course of three days;

-An explanation of the materials you’ll need to get you started. Don’t be daunted, Sarah will take you for a spin around Pegasus Art shop.

- Look at techniques, colour, colour mixing, composition and painting.

- She will also take you outdoors for a brief introduction to painting en plein air. It will give you the confidence to try it for yourself.

- Questions – ask as many as you can. In a small group you will receive a lot of individual attention and advice on specific projects you’re considering.

- Ideas and practice for moving forward – the importance of sketch-booking and drawing every day.

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