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By S Z Wimperis, Nov 21 2016 05:15PM

I have just returned from five months in Gdansk, Poland, working on an incredible project "Loving Vincent" This is the first full length feature film which has been completely animated with oil paintings...65,000 of them. It is an amazing concept and very exciting to have been part of it. About 115 artists from all over the world have worked to realise the dream or the directors DOROTA KOBIELA & HUGH WELCHMAN

The BBC came out and filmed for two days and made a great piece which features some of the artists involved and explains some of the process.

The film will be on general release in the autumn of 2017. I cant wait!

By S Z Wimperis, Mar 9 2016 08:30AM

I have my painting “French Kitchen” in The Royal Institute for Painters in Watercolour annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries from April 6th to the 16th. On Tuesday 5 April, from 12 noon to 8pm, there is the Private View. At 3pm guest opener Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP (Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport) will officially open the exhibition and present the awards & prizes. This is a very busy and enjoyable day when invited guests and regular buyers are present, together with many of the RI members.

I will have two special invitations to the Private View, if you would like to meet up outside the Mall Galleries at 2:30 please let me know.

By S Z Wimperis, Mar 8 2016 04:42PM

I am really excited, my van is taking shape, all kitted out with what we need for a "grand tour” This year we plan to travel through France and then down one side of Italy and up the other. Painting and plein airing all the way. As usual this is a working trip and I will be taking commissions. Filling sketchbooks and making larger paintings.

Having spent the last few years traveling and painting in France, each trip getting longer, the vehicles that I take seem to get bigger as do the paintings! I started off with a tiny painting kit, ancient miniature watercolour box and smallest Moleskine sketchbook, last year I was painting 1.8 m plein air watercolour, using the side of a VW transporter as an easel.

On that trip I spent five and a half weeks in the VW, sleeping neatly curled around my painting equipment. After that I decided that it was time to equip myself with a proper mobile studio. One that could not only take as much gear as I needed but also provide accommodation that was comfortable and affordable to enable me to take a longer trip. I have my sights set on Italy for a three-month trip. Fortunately, I have a great assistant, one that does almost all of the driving, all of the cooking and most of the cleaning up! Perfect.

We sold our VW transporter, my assistant sold his Harley Davidson (now that is commitment!) and we found ourselves a mobile home, a little old but well cared for and, most importantly, a left hand drive. We have spent some time making it comfortable and colourful and last week we got the outside “Illustrated” so now I won’t forget what my job is or which van is mine. I used some of the drawings that I have done for a soon to be published book to give the idea to casual passers-by that this is an “Artists Van”

The trip is still in the planning stages but the van is getting better and better daily! There is plenty of storage inside to take all my kit, easels, paints, oil and watercolour, canvas and boards, dry media and lots of sketchbooks. The van has an eight-foot awning so painting in the shade will be possible wherever we stop. It will have bikes on the back for forays into tiny hidden villages and trips to markets.

The trip should take about three months. Begining in September. Details to follow but if you know of anywhere that you think would be great for an artist to visit please let me know.

By S Z Wimperis, Jan 10 2016 09:09AM

I have an exhibition of new work opening at Beside The Wave in Falmouth on January 29th. The title of this show, "Night and Day", as well as being a fantastic Cole Porter song, captures absolutely everything that I am motivated to paint. Light seen at different times of the day or night, life and lovely times captured and celebrated by the act of painting; The sun shining through glasses on a thick white linen table cloth. Mist slowly clearing in the early morning. The heat of an afternoon wandering through a garden in a foreign land, senses alive to new scents and sensations. Visiting the city and enjoying the colour of a rain soaked sky.

As keeping sketchbooks are fundamental to my practice as an artist I have celebrated this aspect by including two little sketchbooks, “French Roads” and “A Cornish Winter” both complete with 29 little paintings and housed in a special opening frame so that it is possible to enjoy each painting and then to have a new one every day. Like a slow time slide show!

A collection of new work that I think sits very well together. I will put all the work on my web site after the 29th, in the meantime a preview can be requested from Beside The Wave.

By S Z Wimperis, Dec 7 2015 05:47PM

Recently I have been working on a couple of books with Salariya Publishing, with the working title of "Quick Draw" The first of which is "Urban Landscapes" A lot of step by step drawings and paintings in as many different media as I can imagine. Watercolour and oils, pencil, pastel, charcoal, ink and even digital. It has been a great deal of fun to be able to explore and play and has made me realise, yet again, how important constant practice and experimentation is for any artist and whatever level.

One of the results of all this work is that I have equipped myself with a mobile studio and intend to travel the UK and Europe painting, drawing and holding workshops, giving talks and demos wherever I can. The world is my oyster and I intend to paint it!

You will be able to follow my exploits on Facebook, Twitter as well as my blog.

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